Nano mine

Alexa rank 2018-04-07

We reach 300K alexa ranks that means another ads network accepted us.

Referral contest 2018-02-25

We start referral contest. User who find the most active users in next month can win up to 1 NANO. Same IP registration are forbidden and can go to user ban.

First payments 2018-02-23

First payments were send. Next exchange is open again.

Exchange open and beta ends 2018-02-09

Beta testing ends today and we start exchanging gold to Nano. You can read about how exchange works on our payment system page. We set withdraw limit to 0.05 XRB for now in future there will be no limit.

Nano rebrand 2018-02-04

RaiBlocks is now Nano. You can read about rebrand here.

Gold bug + exchange opening 2018-01-31

We apologize but we were not able to fix gold reset bug as compensation we add every user who register as beta tester before 2018-01-30 12:00:00 bonus 50% to production for next month. From now we backup our database daily so it should not happened again. In few days we open first exchange so read news. Budget for that exchange will be added soon.

Mining skill 2018-01-28

You can start upgrading your mining skill. Each point increase production by 5%.Upgrade

Sponsor ref link 2018-01-27

You can set your ref link for another sites in settings. Every day is selected one link randomly from all users that claim day before.

Wallet changing 2018-01-22

You can change your wallet address here

BETA test ends 2018-02-09

We apologize for issues and bugs we are still in beta testing. We are trying to fix it. Any ideas and suggestions report to us through contact form. LEVEL AND GOLDS WILL NOT RESET AFTER BETA ENDS.

Gold exchange rating

Many of you are asking us what is exchange rate between GOLDS and XRB. We need to get better alexa ranking for ads networks. So exchange rating depends on earnings from ads. Look at payment system.

New Bonus system In progress

Currently we are working on bonus system. You can earn bonus golds while mining cryptocurrencies.

New Upgrade system 2018-01-17

Upgrade system was changed. Now there are no limit for max level. Look mine table

New affiliate system 2018-01-17

Affiliate system was changed. When you upgrade mine, your referrer get +10% of update production.Affiliate system