PTC ads system was added. Bonus system is disabled because of changing.

Market url short refill changed, now you can select which URL you want to visit. Added stats website.

Now you can earn BTC by CPU mining. Currently working on auction system.

Faucethub withdraw system works so now you can exchange gold for satoshi. Convert rating will be updated every month based od ads earnings. You will get 15% of referral exchanges btc.

Today I implemented faucethub withdraw system and need to test it. In settings tehere is withdraw button, by clicking on it you have chance to get some 'test bonus'.

Daily bonus now works. You can claim bonus every 24 hour and you get free golds and satoshi.

We open BETA launch where all features are avalaible expect for withdraw. If no bugs we add withdraw option for BTC(Faucethub) as primary currency and NANO, ETH, LTC ... as secondary currency.

I decited to rebuild game design and change lot of things. Firstly less advertisiment, pop-ups can be turn off in player settings and the last thing, no more mine upgrading but instead of it players will buy new miner and refilling food and water.

Because of lot problem previous RaiMines admin had, he decided to sell his faucet. I hope together we will build successful faucet.

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