Player Town

Join for free and get one miner as a gift. Start playing without your own investments! Buy miners, mine golds and jewel. Sell jewels and golds for real BTC, NANO, ETH, LTC or many more. Do not miss this great opportunity! Refer your friends and earn 15% of his payments!

Withdraw and exchange added

Faucethub withdraw system works so now you can exchange gold for satoshi. Convert rating will be updated every month based od ads earnings. You will get 15% of referral exchanges btc.

Daily bonus avalaible

Daily bonus is avalaible. You can claim every 24 hour.

Beta Launch

We open BETA launch where all features are avalaible expect for withdraw. If no bugs we add withdraw option for BTC(Faucethub) as primary currency and NANO, ETH, LTC ... as secondary currency.

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